Meet a Tent-School Teacher

Q & A with Nivine Choaib / Bekaa Valley, Lebanon Nivine Choaib is a teacher in a refugee camp in Lebanon. Born into a Catholic Palestinian family, she grew up in Bethlehem with her parents and nine siblings. After high school, Nivine attended Bible College in Bethlehem majoring in theology, and is now studying to […]

Wherever he is, wherever he’s going…

As we head together into the holiday season, here’s a question for you: what’s on your Christmas shopping list, or your wish list? Chances are one of those lists contains a digital device – a phone, tablet, laptop, or game system. These are part of an accelerating reality that within years, not decades, the internet […]

Relief Needed After Mexico Earthquakes

In September of this year, Mexico was devastated by two earthquakes arriving 12 days apart. The first quake on September 7 was a magnitude 8.1, the most powerful to hit the country in a century. The second, a magnitude 7.1, hit on September 19. Over 5,000 school buildings were damaged or destroyed as a result […]

LEAP Benefits U.S. Non-Profits

LEAP, a Tent Schools International program promoting portable education through technology, has officially launched in the United States. So far, Bethany Christian Services’ refugee program has received ten laptops for resettled families through LEAP, Treetops Collective received nine, and the African Resource Center received four. All three organizations are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Treetops […]

Making Education Portable

When homes, schools and lives are destroyed during war or natural disasters, how can education bring compassion, peace and a level of normalcy to young lives? The answer is mobility. Displaced people often deal with multiple life-altering challenges at once. Amina, a young woman from Syria, fled the war-torn city of Homs with her family […]

Bidding for Good / Fall 2017

Join us for our Fall 2017 online auction benefiting the mission of Tent Schools International! Bid on useful items, quality experiences and gifts for friends and family in time for the holidays. Check this page periodically for the items that will be up for bidding, beginning November 29, 2017. Tent Schools International demonstrates the love […]

#GivingTentsDay / Mexico Earthquake

On November 28, 2017, we launch #GivingTentsDay on #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving! Together, our goal is to raise funds for tent schools in Mexico after two September earthquakes damaged or destroyed over 5,000 schools in five of the most vulnerable states in the country. We’ll begin by funding a school that will be […]

Wish List 2017

When you watch news reports on the refugee crisis, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and to wonder “What can I do about it?” But you have already answered that question. How? You did it by responding to our earlier appeals, giving as you were able to affordable, targeted Tent Schools International programs. I am excited […]

You’ve Changed Lives this Summer

We have exciting news to share with you about the launch of our laptop program (LEAP) and its initial impact in the United States and in three other countries so far: Nepal, Jordan and Tanzania. LEAP is a program of Tent Schools International offering portable access to education through technology. With your support, the program […]

Supporter Survey, 2017

Here are the results of our 2017 supporter survey. Thanks to all who participated in helping us inform and inspire you better around the issue of education for displaced children! Here’s a sampling: Why do you support TSI? I’m a mother and teacher, and I love children so much. How did you hear about us? […]