Scott Vander Kooy leads Tent Schools International (TSI) as President, guiding the organization’s vision and formulating strategies for reaching it since 2001. He is passionate about providing equal educational opportunity to all children, environmental issues and ethical business. Scott has traveled extensively through his work with TSI, building up partnerships in the Philippines, Singapore, China, India, Romania, Ukraine and Guatemala. He is also president of Comprenew, an electronics-recycling non-profit company dedicated to inspiring environmental care and increasing vocational preparedness through education for people from all segments of society. Scott and his wife, Jan, have three children. / (616) 531-9102

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Dale Dieleman has been with TSI since 1997 and now serves Executive Director, leading development strategy and connecting with in-country partners to promote educational initiatives for displaced children and their families. Dale is passionate about music, writing, indigenous rights, HIV/AIDS prevention and education. He began a non-profit with his wife, Sarah, called Grassroots Empowerment Opportunities, which focuses on health and education for displaced children in Uganda. Dale has a master’s degree in Education, Urban Elementary and Secondary Education and Curriculum Development from the University of Louisville and is certified as a master trainer for Timothy Leadership Training. He has two daughters, three sons, and three grandchildren. / (616) 531-9102

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Emily Klooster has directed communications for TSI since 2005, leading the writing, editing, design and coordination of newsletters and campaigns, as well as managing our website and social media. Emily is passionate about minimalism, human rights, travel, music, local food and environmental issues. She has a bachelor’s degree from Calvin College in English Language and Literature, completing an internship in communications and journalism with World Renew. Emily spent one year as an Americorps volunteer, tutoring at-risk students in reading in Seattle, Washington, and dedicated another year to teaching reading, science and art to English Language Learners (ELL) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She and her husband, Jono, have three children. / (616) 531-9102

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Tyler Sajdak is our latest hire, beginning in October of 2017 as the Community Technology Coordinator for TSI’s LEAP program. Tyler is an urbanist who also enjoys traveling, sports, and politics. He enjoys mixing his loves, often traveling to new cities to see their urban fabric as well as touring stadiums or seeing sporting events while he is there. He has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Calvin College and he worked as an organizer on a campaign in Wisconsin during the 2016 election cycle. Welcome to TSI, Tyler! / (616) 531-9102



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Chris Dahlvig is our Board Chairman, as well as the Controller for Inland Northwest Community Foundation. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Whitworth University, an MBA from Northwest Christian University and is a licensed CPA. Chris has worked in the not-for-profit sector his entire career including healthcare, outdoor ministry, higher education, and e-waste recycling. He has taught accounting and business courses at Baker College of Muskegon and Whitworth University. Chris enjoys podcasts that stimulate his brain, playing his guitar, golfing, running 5Ks, and hanging out with his family. Chris’s wife, Jolyn, has her PhD in Higher Education Leadership and is an educator and consultant. They have two children and live in Spokane, WA.


Berniz Constanza is Kent School Services Network (KSSN) Community School Coordinator at Gerald R. Ford Academic Center in Grand Rapids, MI. KSSN is a non-profit partner of the schools that help students and families access needed resources – from school supplies to food, secure housing and a sense of community. Berniz has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Calvin College. She is a process developer and strategic thinker, capable of effectively moving organizations forward. Berniz lives with her husband, Aaron, in Grand Rapids, MI. Learn more about Berniz here.


Trent Wieringa is Associate Vice President for Colliers International-West Michigan and has a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Marketing from Grand Valley State University. At Colliers, Trent calls on clients to better understand their needs and then physically tours the marketplace to find the best solutions to those needs. His detailed research, evaluation of potential assets, and willingness to actively search the market makes Trent an invaluable asset to his clients. Trent is also the grandson of one of our founders, carrying on a legacy! He lives with his wife, Chelsea, near Grand Rapids, MI.


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