Schools for Refugees

We come alongside Christian leaders in refugee camps and other transitional areas to establish effective schools for displaced children.

First, we identity an international crisis area and assess our ability to enter and impact the people seeking refuge there. Second, we connect with like-minded partners based within their countries of origin who have the capacity to establish learning environments serving displaced children within that region. Third, we fund a tent school – a physical space for learning.

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Laptops for Refugees

We create access to technology custom-made for transitional areas.

We provide laptops for refugee youth and adults to aid in access to education as well as job training opportunities within the field of information technology (IT). In today’s world, access to technology can increase both learning and job opportunities for children experiencing displacement.

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Resources for Teachers

We highlight and develop guides, curriculum and training materials for teachers working with displaced children.

One of these classroom tools is He Lived Among Us, with over 35 million copies printed in 40 languages, including Arabic, French and Farsi. The simple, visually-based telling of the Gospel of Jesus Christ allows for quick comprehension for children on the move. TSI’s Beyond PTSD is a trauma-Informed guide for educators working with displaced children.

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If you are an individual or entity currently serving displaced populations through education centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ, you may apply for a grant from Tent Schools International from this page.