A tent school in Lebanon

We come alongside Christian leaders in refugee camps and other transitional areas to establish effective schools for displaced children.

One of the ways we meet this goal is establishing sturdy tent structures – a physical space for learning. Establishing a tent school is a three-step process:

1 – Identify a Crisis Area

We identity an international crisis area and assess our ability to enter and impact the displaced population there using the resources available to us.

2 – Develop a Partnership

We connect with like-minded partners based within their countries of origin who are engaged in, or have the capacity to establish, learning environments servicing displaced children within that region.

3 – Implement the Mission

When a trusted partner has been established on location, we fund a tent school. Construction materials, desks, chairs, and books are purchased, and the teacher is equipped with enabled technology. (On average, the one-time cost of setting up a tent school is $5,000.)

If you are an individual or entity currently serving displaced populations through education centered on the teachings of Jesus, you may apply for a grant from Tent Schools International from this page.

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