Technology is an integral part of learning in today’s world, but the majority of refugee youth and adults do not have access to a computer or the training to use it effectively.

LEAP is a digital equity program offered by Tent Schools International in partnership with Comprenew. When re-settled students complete a LEAP training class, they earn a discounted family computer for educational and career training purposes. We will be accepting applications for the program in spring of 2019. Complete the form below to submit your information now. We’ve also put together this handy list of recommended programs for LEAP participants.

If you are an international entity serving displaced populations and would like to receive funding for educational technology programs, you may apply for a grant from Tent Schools International.


Student videographers Isaac Wamujje and Kareem Drake made this video to help spread the word about LEAP. They are learning video editing and used their new skills to show LEAP’s impact at the African Resource Center in Grand Rapids, MI. Watch to learn more about LEAP’s direct impact on education for resettled students. Since this video was made, Tent Schools International has incorporated technological training into the program.


LEAP Application Form

  • Program Terms

    The LEAP program’s purpose is to offer technological training and affordable desktop computers to refugee households for education or career training purposes. Qualifying households must be active clients of a resettlement organization and have no other desktop computer in the residence. Computer recipients ages 18 or older and who are living independently are considered a “household”. The computer is not to be resold by household members or by the requesting organization. In order to show impact and grow the program, Tent Schools International requires an update from the organization after one year of use by the family, describing the program’s impact using household-member names, narratives and photos within confidentiality restrictions.
  • Basic Information

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Family Information

    Please submit a separate form for each household in need of a computer.
  • Technical Training

    We want to ensure that recipient families are trained in the use of the hardware and software, as well the options available for internet restrictions, for maximum benefit and for safety when working online.
  • Educational Use

    Because these computers are provided primarily for educational use, how many residents of the household are enrolled in a school or training program?
  • Delivery and Pricing

    Computers are offered at a reduced rate for individuals who have completed the LEAP training program.
  • Price: $100.00 Quantity:
  • $0.00
  • Thank you!

    Please direct questions about the LEAP program to Dale Dieleman, LEAP Program Coordinator:








If you are an individual or entity currently serving displaced populations through education centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ, you may also apply for a technology grant from Tent Schools International from this page.