A School for Roma Children

The Roma, or “Gypsy,” people are indeed one of the most under-educated people groups in the world. Though stereotypes of wandering Gypsy wagon caravans remain, their lives are anything but the romanticized or vilified images they are portrayed as in movies.

Roma are stigmatized as thieves, discriminated against by authorities, and their children, if allowed in school,  are often placed in “Special Ed” classrooms assumed to be less able to learn. Their “disability” is simply being born Roma.

Knowing full well the sting of discrimination, one Hungarian teacher, living in Ukraine, with a heart for Roma children, had an idea: convert an abandoned house into a school for Roma children. Here they would be safe, tutored and respected. Here, they would learn how to learn and know that Jesus loved them, too.

This teacher’s dream inspired Worldwide Christian Schools’ Justice Fund to contribute to her house-to-school transformation project and Roma language-training costs. This small Ukrainian town’s story speaks to the heart of our mission to support innovative, educational initiatives which empower children who are marginalized to discover their God-given potential.