From 8 to 20: The Girls of Kameris Christian School

Girls at Kameris Christian School

All of us at Worldwide Christian Schools (WWCS) hope you experience the comfort and joy of “Christ with us” during this Advent season and throughout the coming year.

Christ becomes real sometimes in ways we can hardly imagine. We would like to take this opportunity to share an account of how one rural Kenyan Christian school showed God’s love for a special group of girls.

This story begins in 2009, when eight, then 20 and ultimately nearly 80 young girls literally ran to the gates of Kameris Christian School, a long-time WWCS partner.  In hot pursuit were parents and older men whom the girls were to be married off to as child brides. Why did these girls risk everything to reach this school? They saw it as both a refuge from forced marriage and their only hope for an education. They had heard that this school cared.

By faith, the school pursued reconciliation between the girls and their families, and some mothers actually came to the school seeking their daughters’ forgiveness.  For others, the healing process continues, though they did allow the girls to stay in school.

For their part, the girls learned they have God-given potentials to discover, beginning within the safety of this Christ-centered school.

Taking on these so called, “rescued girls,” however, the school faced major financial costs such as housing, feeding, clothing and tutoring the girls, who were illiterate when they ran for refuge. With Worldwide Christian Schools’ assistance, the school built a dorm for these and more girls to come.

This inspiring story is but one example of why WWCS is dedicated to seeing equal opportunities in education afforded to children who are marginalized by gender and other factors.  WWCS’ Justice Fund provides grant aid to partners seeking to meet the educational needs of children denied, but deserving, equal educational opportunities. It’s the JUST thing to do.

Stop by our www.wwcs.org website for more information, and please consider a contribution to our Justice Fund this year.

May God grant you and yours a blessed Christmas.

Dale Dieleman for Worldwide Christian Schools