Justice Fund is reaching students

suzy picDear Friends of Worldwide Christian Schools,

Thank you for your past and present support of Worldwide Christian Schools (WWCS)! Together, we are making a difference.  Day by day, week by week, and year by year, we’re making a positive impact in the lives of students like Suzy Mejilla.

Suzy Mabel Mejilla is in 3rd grade at Juan Calvino Christian School in Choluteca, Honduras.  Her school is located in a low-income community which has recently been affected by drought and crop loss. Suzy has a “sleeping arm”. Her arm is functionally useless, and she cannot hold anything with it. She has already had various operations to help her with her disabilities. Previously, she attended another school where no one paid attention to her. School was a traumatic experience for her, and she often cried at the mention of it. Members of the school community sometimes forgot her. Eventually her mother decided not to send her.

Instead, Suzy went to a community rehabilitation center called Teleton for people with disabilities. Someone at Teleton told Suzy’s mom about Juan Calvino Christian School and the good reports that were being received from there. Suzy’s mom came to visit the school, and Suzy has now been studying there for three years. She comes to school a little late every day to accommodate her medication schedule, but she always seems happy to be there.

We’re thankful for schools like Juan Calvino, with dedicated, Christ-centered teachers who serve on behalf of students like Suzy and her classmates in Honduras. We know that not all students with disabilities like Suzy have the opportunity to attend school. Your careful, prayerful giving to Worldwide Christian Schools and the Worldwide Justice Fund for Education will continue to help us reach children who are marginalized by disability and other factors. Sadly, we know that Suzy’s story is just one among many. As you give to help students like her overcome traumatic past experiences, you have the potential to bless many people. At WWCS, we are grateful for the opportunity God gives us to help others discover their potentials for good and for Christ.

Will you carefully and prayerfully consider your part in sharing a Worldwide education today? Thanks in advance for your participation. We serve a mighty God!

Many Blessings,

Amie Spriensma
Partner Development
Worldwide Christian Schools