Handheld Device Fundraiser

24-Elderly-Man-WorkingDid you know that a single box of handheld electronics can make a social impact valued over $700?  You can host an electronics recycling collection that protects the planet while providing educational opportunities for refugee children, advancing the mission of Tent Schools International.

Items like laptops, tablets and cell phones achieve the highest social impact, although we accept all items with a battery or a cord.

Our trusted partner, Comprenew, protects people and the environment from electronic waste (e-waste) by either extending the life-cycle or unwanted electronics, or by recycling their components. Comprenew holds the highest level of certifications for electronics recycling and data security in the country.

Please label your box “HANDHELD COLLECTION” and mail collected devices to Tent Schools International at 629 Ionia Ave SW, Grand Rapids MI 49503. Or you may drop off devices at any of these locations.

*Comprenew takes responsibility for removing personal data upon site arrival. You may remove SIM cards and hard drives as a precaution if you desire before sending devices via mail. We accept nearly all items with a battery or cord. 

For more information, contact Kristen Cichon at kcichon@comprenew.org