Hope Cannot Die

1617618_10153089576397974_4440237230312233878_o“There is no doubt that what young people strive for is the chance for a decent and productive job from which to build a better future. Take away that hope and you are left with a disillusioned youth trapped in a cycle of working poverty or in danger of detaching from the labor market altogether – thus representing a vast waste of economic potential.” (International Labour Organization)

That hope has been crushed for more than 630,000 Syrian youth, ages three to 18, now living in Lebanon, who watched as their homes, schools and country crumbled into chaos.

What hope is there for the 66% of refugee youth denied access to any form of schooling in Lebanon due to discrimination, distance, safety, family finances or school over-crowding?

When hope vanishes, disillusionment takes over.

The UN reports that 89% of school-aged youth are suffering from mental or psychological disorders such pigILDMH8sqCW123jd6d5436IQzZr-hfs9ytBZWARwMas depression and anxiety. Interviews with refugee youth reveal that 24% have considered suicide as a way out of camp despair.

Mercy Corps observers say, “Many boys aged 14 to 24 fixate on the notion of returning to Syria and joining the armed struggle due to the hopelessness they experience in Lebanon.”

These facts are painful, but hope rooted in the Good News cannot die. Through trusted Lebanese partners, Tent Schools International is walking by faith into the heart of the camps, addressing directly the needs of these displaced youth.

What does the Good News look like to kids in Lebanon’s refugee camps? Part of the solution is tent schools. Efficient and easy to raise, they create places of safety, peace and Jesus’ love where learning can flourish again, or for the first time for many children.MpNsbEQW10wg9VPs9zsSDKBV0iEeE85kTDRt0Xl-Xco

We invite you to walk this path with us in establishing these Tents of Hope across a sea of refugee camps in Lebanon, and one day, beyond. We seek your support now. It is critical, this season, to get tent schools in place before another winter brings its own challenges for the survival of refugee students and their families.

Please pray for the Syrian refugee camps of Lebanon, and consider funding a tent school today. Thank you for partnering with our friends in Lebanon!

Dale Dieleman, Vice President of Tent Schools International

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