Exodus from South Sudan

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South Sudanese students at Exodus Academy in Kenya

Before Syrian refugees captured the news, you may recall stories of the Lost Boys who symbolized the child refugee risking everything to escape certain death.

NAIROBI, KENYA – Today, though not making headlines, equally frightening stories continue to leak out of South Sudan where tribally-related violence is creating a new surge of refugees. The United Nations reports more than 2.29 million South Sudanese fled their homes since December, 2013 with over 639,576 displaced to neighboring countries.

One group of school planters in neighboring Kenya has been serving Sudanese children since 2000, when discrimination and language barriers forced refugee Sudanese families out of the public school setting. Now known as Exodus Academy, this school of 300 students continues to receive South Sudanese children who are spilling over the border.

The school’s director and long-time partner of Tent Schools International, Ojok Bosco, says the teachers spend more time helping traumatized children with emotional coping skills than they do teaching academics. “The goal of Exodus is to provide skills so [students] may discover their God-given potential and serve their community,” he said.

Having survived hardships, bombings, and unimaginable loss, these children need to know and see the love of Jesus through his people.

We urge you to join us and partners like Exodus Academy, who daily demonstrate Jesus’ love to displaced and refugee children through schools we call “havens of peace and opportunity”.

This mission cannot be accomplished without supporters like you.

Dale Dieleman, Vice President, Tent Schools International

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