Computer Access for Refugee Kids


A TOSHIBA mini-laptop, available in Tech-Kits from Tent Schools International

Today, within most of the developed world, 60% of classrooms incorporate technology into learning on a regular basis. Not only can technology assist the teaching and learning processes, its use also helps prepare students for future educational and vocational endeavors.

Even as technology becomes an integral part of the classroom in today’s world, a majority of refugee children have never had access to a computer. Tent Schools International equips schools with technology appropriate to the transitional area, introducing displaced children to computer skills that will increase both learning and job opportunities.

“We can use computers to teach older students [computer skills],” said George M*, director of a Tent Schools’ partner organization in Lebanon. “The vast majority of refugee kids have never touched a computer, and it will be an opportunity to teach them…how to use important software.”

A Tech-Kit contains a mini-laptop loaded with faith-based classroom resources, a flash drive for use on multiple devices, a laptop charger and an extra battery. Tech-Kits are geared toward equipping older students who are ready for technology exposure, as well as their teachers, who can use these technological tools to improve the learning experience.

In order to fully equip a school and maximize impact, Tent Schools International outfits each school with five Kits: one for the teacher and four for the classroom. On average, a Kit costs $475 for materials, assembly and postage. Supporters are encouraged to consider church or school coin drives to send the Kits, each set of five benefiting up to 50 Syrian children without access to technology. Contact us for a set of coin banks, or give now to send a Tech-Kit immediately.

Emily Klooster for Tent Schools International

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*When international security issues arise, Tent Schools International refrains from publishing full names for the protection of our contacts and partners.