Fatima’s Story


Fatima, age 6

BEKAA VALLEY, LEBANON – Fatima has lived in a refugee camp in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon since she was two years old. Her parents, four brothers and one sister fled the town of Edleb, Syria four years ago, when random bombings in the area by militants caused bakeries and grocery stores to close. Food became scarce, and Fatima’s parents decided to move to Lebanon in search of food security and safety for their young family.

Once the family arrived in Bekaa Valley, education for the children became a concern for Fatima’s parents. Most refugee camps around the globe do not have schools, and the average refugee is displaced for 17 years – a situation that could leave a generation of displaced children without the chance to learn and grow, academically or spiritually. Fatima’s parents were relieved when a tent school was established in their camp by Lebanese Christians.

“Academically, this is the first time Fatima attended any kind of school, so it was a new experience for her, “ reports the Lebanese organization* behind the tent school. “At first it wasn’t easy for her as she was not used to sitting in a classroom…but with the help of the teacher, she is doing much better and enjoying school.”

Fatima now knows eight letters of the Arabic alphabet, basic shapes, and she is beginning to understand and write numbers. A new tent school in the region will serve 50 children like Fatima.

Together, we can show God’s love to children through education centered on the teachings of Jesus. Give today.

Emily Klooster for Tent Schools International
*Name withheld for security reasons