Meet George and Anne

george and anneMeet our partners, George and Anne, of Bekaa Valley, Lebanon!

Alongside this couple and their organization, Tent Schools International plans to establish a new school in the Bekaa, an area with the highest concentration of refugees in the country.

Here is their story:

“My name is George and I am originally from Lebanon. I am married to Anne, and she is from France. We have three kids who were born in Bangladesh as we were serving in that nation during that time.

I grew up in Lebanon when the country was being ravaged by the civil war. At the age of 15, I became involved with the militia. I was trained to hate, to despise people and to fight, which I did. In October of 1989, I was able to get a tourist visa to leave for France. In order to stay I had to find a job quickly. A pastor, who owned a cabinet-making factory and was a friend of my cousin’s, hired me. He invited me several times to church and I was saved in the spring of 1990.

I spent four years in France, and then I felt that God was calling me to ministry. I came to Oklahoma and went to a Bible college in the town of Shawnee for three years. In Oklahoma I met my wife, Anne. She is a believer from a young age, and her entire family is involved in serving the Lord. Anne has lived in Africa and in Israel with her parents, who were working as missionaries in those places. She is a qualified teacher, and she also attended Bible College in Shawnee.

After graduating, I went to French Guiana to work as missionary, helping to establish a church. I spent two and half years there. Anne came to serve in Suriname, which she did for nine months. While in South America, Anne and I got married. After three months together, we felt the Lord leading us to go to Bangladesh, which we did in the summer of the year 2000. We served there for six years. By God’s grace we were able to plant five churches and five schools for children in need.

In 2005, we felt it was time for us to leave Bangladesh and serve in the Middle East, so in 2007, we moved to my home country of Lebanon. In Lebanon we are involved in a school doing outreach Bible classes and chapels. The school has 1,500 students, about 70% of whom are Muslim. We are also involved in helping Syrian and Iraqi refugees here. Recently, we began reaching out to Christian Syrian refugees within Syria, where I make a monthly trip.

Among the refugee population in Lebanon we run two tent schools, and we also run a clinic for the Iraqi refugees. Recently we were involved in starting two churches for the refugees. About a year and half ago, we started our own church that people from every background are welcome to attend. Now, we are partnering with Tent Schools International to launch a new tent school for refugee children in Bekaa Valley, an area where there are very few options for education for the displaced groups living there.”

Together, we can come alongside George and Anne in the important work of providing an educational option for displaced children in Bekaa Valley. Will you join us?

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