Teacher’s Guide to Trauma

IMG_4448MICHIGAN, USA – You’ve seen it and read about it. You feel compassionate, but sense this mega  refugee crisis is simply too overwhelming to do something from where you are. You are tempted to turn off the news.

There is something you can do. Our Lebanese partners, George and Anne, while setting up tent schools in Bekaa Valley’s refugee camps, called our attention to a condition as debilitating as hunger.

“The escalating violence in Syria has forced hundreds of thousands of children to flee their homes for neighboring countries. Many have been deeply affected by the horrors they’ve experienced or witnessed,” they report.

Relief organizations find that over 90% of all refugees suffer from some form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Think back to the horrific school shootings in America. Remember how after each incident, teams of child psychologists rushed in to counsel children, teachers, parents and communities. These services are non-existent for refugee children, making tent school teachers the first line of intervention for their students.

In response, Tent Schools International, with the blessing of our Lebanese partners, is developing a “Teacher’s Guide to PTSD” – a practical manual exposing teachers to the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical effects of PTSD on children at different age levels, and how this impacts learning. Most valuable are the practical, classroom-based techniques teachers can apply to compassionately reach their students.

We and the teachers who risk all for their students need your help. Join our team, including our partners George and Anne and their staff of teachers, by becoming a contributor to the Teacher’s Guide project. A gift of any amount will put copies of this resource into the hands of teachers in refugee camps.

And, yes, educators right here in North America who are receiving former refugee children into their classrooms are also eager to get their hands on this guide.

As a contributing underwriter, we’ll send you a copy and a certificate acknowledging your contribution*. Worth more than that is the satisfaction that you are doing something about this global crisis that will truly impact the lives of displaced kids.

Dale Dieleman, Vice President

*Please enter the term “Teacher’s Guide” in the Special Instructions section of our online giving form. Thank you!