Restoration in Nepal

Earthquake damaged a temple in Kathmandu, Nepal

SINDHUKPALCHOK, NEPAL – An organization in Nepal that is empowering girls through education and anti-trafficking training begins a new chapter with technology

An organization in Nepal* is providing educational support for vulnerable children in the Sindhupalchok district, an area that was already challenged by high drop-out rates that have now increased dramatically due to displacement after the earthquake that struck Nepal in April, 2015.

In rural Nepal, older children manage all the household chores and affairs, leaving little time for school. As a result, many girls go to India looking for employment and are trafficked in the process. In some instances, girls are sold by their families to brothels as a source of income.

In 2016, Tent Schools International sent funding that would allow 32 girls in the village of Ichok to attend a temporary learning center and receive anti-trafficking training. This year, the Nepali organization is also providing hygiene training, sexual abuse awareness training, and resources for women to begin small businesses within the village. Twelve goats were provided to HIV-positive mothers of some of the girls for income generation, women who are also survivors of human trafficking.

“She is the first girl in the history of this village to ever enroll in a bachelor’s program! Now the other girls in the program have similar dreams.”

The girls who received TSI funding are thriving. Three of them will go on to secondary school this year, and one is going further.

A student accepts a hygiene kit from a TSI partner organization in Nepal

“One of these girls has now graduated and is enrolled in a bachelor’s of social work program in Kathmandu,” reported Karuna F.*, a representative for the Nepali organization. “She is the first girl in the history of this village to ever enroll in a bachelor’s program! Now the other girls in the program have similar dreams.”

The organization in Nepal will continue supporting the girls’ education, encouraging them to be role models for those coming after them. There is a plan for a girls’ club that will train six of the girls to lead the others in life skills, integrity, service and healthy relationships.

Tent Schools International is again coming alongside this project through the provision of technology that will support its training programs. TSI granted 12 laptops to the program through its LEAP program, which will be used in two schools, one of which is the school in Ichok, as well as in two “restoration homes” near Kathmandhu, serving between nine and 11 girls at a time.

“These girls are all either survivors of human trafficking or sexual abuse in their own homes, and are [here] for their safety,” Karuna said. “They attend school in Kathmandu, but have little or no computer knowledge or skills. [We] would like to provide one laptop to each of these homes, to train the girls in computer skills and increase their job opportunities to ensure that they can continue to have a life free from exploitation.”

Karuna says that in the schools lacking a teacher who is knowledgeable in computer use and information technology (IT), training will be given to a willing teacher, or qualified volunteers will personally educate both students and teachers.

Thank you for your support of restoration in Nepal through training and technology!

*In insecure regions, names of organizations and actual/full names of individuals are not revealed to protect our partners.