You’ve Changed Lives this Summer

African Resource Center’s after-school students

We have exciting news to share with you about the launch of our laptop program (LEAP) and its initial impact in the United States and in three other countries so far: Nepal, Jordan and Tanzania.

LEAP is a program of Tent Schools International offering portable access to education through technology. With your support, the program launched in May and is now serving six partner organizations!

In the United States, LEAP has furnished laptops for eight resettled families working with Bethany’s refugee program. Seven laptops were granted to resettled high school girls through Treetops Collective, a community of women who are welcoming refugees; three more were given to the African Resource Center’s after-school program serving resettled elementary students. All of these students are now using the laptops to enhance their education, or as a tool for career training.

Internationally, LEAP is in the process of sending laptops to Nepal for displaced girls at risk of human trafficking, Jordan for Syrian refugee children, and Tanzania for displaced youth from Burundi.

Our partner in Tanzania reports that as many as 100 students have been using the LEAP laptops since June. The students are taking part in technical training from a computer lab located in their refugee camp.

High school recipients of LEAP laptops through Treetops Collective in Grand Rapids, MI

“The students feel proud and honored,” said Norbert*, the program’s director in Tanzania. “We want to enable them to communicate with relatives, and create income and employment [for themselves].”

Only with your help were we able to launch LEAP, a program that is benefiting students and their families quickly and directly, enhancing learning and creating new opportunities for education.

Word is spreading. We look forward to expanding LEAP into new states and countries around the globe. Thank you for your part in benefiting displaced children through this educational initiative!