Wish List 2017

When you watch news reports on the refugee crisis, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and to wonder “What can I do about it?”

But you have already answered that question. How? You did it by responding to our earlier appeals, giving as you were able to affordable, targeted Tent Schools International programs.

I am excited to report that your contributions to our new LEAP program have already put 56 laptops in the hands of refugee children from Lebanon, Jordan, Tanzania, Nepal and newly arrived refugee families here in the USA. These 56 children are not only learning computer skills, but are using their laptops to access learning opportunities online. They now have the means to continue their academic progress, even after years of living without access to a school.

We have learned together that breaking down a complex, overwhelming issue into bite-sized pieces over time can overcome all odds.

The LEAP program still needs your support. If you have given, please continue turning laptops into blessings for these children. If not, please consider doing so. As part of our year-end campaign, here are some other options for bridging the learning gap of a refugee child:

• A $50 one-time gift puts a LEAP laptop in a refugee student’s hands as a tool for learning
• $25 a month can give a child access to a tent school in a refugee camp
• $167 a month can supply heat and school supplies through the winter for a tent school
• $340 a month can provide a tent-school teacher with a salary to support her family
• $3,000 can launch a new tent school for 50 children

When you join our Circle of Friends (a commitment of $15+ a month), you support all of our programs! Give online today, or contact us for more giving options or additional information.

Thank you for your continued support in making learning accessible to displaced children wherever Tent Schools International is called to serve!


Dale Dieleman, Vice President