Asia’s School of Hope

Children who have been abandoned in a southeast Asian country* are now attending a school that will be fully equipped with educational technology through TSI.

Students at Hope School* (photo by Sakina Mission)

Hope School* in southeast Asia serves children who have been abandoned or orphaned and are now living in homes supported by TSI’s partner there. Five of the homes shelter 16 children each, who attend Hope School alongside children from the surrounding villages.

Sally M.* works for TSI’s partner, which oversees the homes and runs the school.

“Many of our students didn’t have the opportunity to go to school before they entered one of our children’s homes,” said Sally. “Shristi* came to us two years ago knowing little to no English, but was supposed to be in fourth grade. At that time we had four laptops, and we used one of them to find resources to make a bridge course for her to catch her up to her level.”

Sally paired Shristi with a tutor, whom she had trained on how to best connect with Shristi. The combination of access to technology and one-on-one attention worked.

“Shristi is currently one of the top students in our fifth grade,” Sally said. “I can’t help but wonder what her life would have been like if she hadn’t come into one of our homes and had the opportunity to come to our school.”

Sally reports that, with access to more laptops, Hope School could take advantage of more educational resources, like Khan Academy, which offers free online courses, lessons and practice through the internet.

Students at Hope School* participate in an after-school program (photo by Ryann Flippo)

“We have piloted a program where four of our lowest-performing students in 8th and 9th grades stay after school and use Khan Academy regularly for extra math practice,” Sally said. “If they are found to improve through this approach, and we can get enough computers to do this for whole classes, I can’t help but get excited about the possibilities this would open up in terms of quality education in science and math.”

Many of Hope School’s students do not have access to computers or the internet at home, and without this opportunity they may lack necessary skills to thrive in the global economy. TSI recently sent ten laptops to the school for their educational programs, with ten more planned for later this year.

The partnership between TSI and Hope School brings the total of laptops sent through TSI’s LEAP program to 110, with technology sent to Jordan, Tanzania, Nepal and locations within the United States.

The goal of the program is to “make education portable”, removing the barriers to learning that are faced by displaced youth through technology. LEAP will be adding specialized software and internet safety features to its laptops early this year.

“With computers, information is at [the students’] fingertips, and it is our goal to provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become who God created them to be so they can be difference makers in the world for Christ!” Sally said.

Questions about our LEAP program? Contact program coordinator Tyler Sajdak.