Introducing our Executive Director

Dale Dieleman, Executive Director for TSI

It is increasingly obvious that not all Christians practice God’s love in the same way. The gap between speech and action, even between people of faith, seems to be widening, while the number of displaced children and families continues to grow.

But what displaced people need is education, direction, and our respect. The need has never been greater for the mission of Tent Schools International (TSI) as we strive to unify people of faith in empowering displaced children, equipping them with education so they are not left behind. The importance of this mission is why we need to ensure that our organization is structured in a way that achieves the most impact possible.

Although we don’t usually talk about staff in our newsletter or on our blog, I want to take the opportunity to celebrate Dale Dieleman’s efforts at TSI over the last 20 years, and announce that his title has been modified to Executive Director. This change reflects the significance of his leadership role, and our efforts to do everything possible to reflect Christ to as many people in the world as we can.

Over time, Dale has taken on more of the day-to-day leadership duties of TSI, giving me the opportunity to concentrate more on long-term impact, including through Comprenew, our affiliate organization. I will continue to serve as President under the direction of TSI’s board.

Please congratulate Dale with me! As always, thank you for your support.


Scott Vander Kooy, TSI President