Your Impact in Lebanon

A report from our partner in Bekaa Valley

A tent school in Bekaa Valley supported by TSI donors

With the help of donors like you, TSI continues to fund a tent school in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon in 2018, an area with the highest concentration of Syrian refugees in the nation. George M.*, who is Lebanese and director of our partner organization there, sent a report on the school’s progress.

“Like every [job] there are challenges to reach the goal,” George wrote. “One of the biggest challenges we face is the different levels we have in the same class. This year we have a lot of new students who have never been in school, even kids who are eight years old that [require] from us extra work, with a lot of care to lead all the children in the same level.”

George writes that the children have plenty of potential, but increased teamwork between educators and parents is needed to support their learning.

“We met with the parents at the beginning of the school year and we encouraged them… We stay in touch with them, helping in any situation concerning their kids,” George wrote.

George shared the story of Sultan, an eight-year- old boy now attending the Bekaa Valley school who had never been to school before.

“After one month in school, we are seeing him progress academically,” wrote George. “Sultan loves to study and learn; now he knows how to hold a pencil and write, and do all of his homework in the school. He practices his handwriting at home, responds positively to teaching and memorizes easily what we teach him. The changes we see in him encourage us a lot and give us the energy to press forward with expectations for all of our students.”

If you have donated to Tent Schools International in the last two years, thank you for your support of this tent school!

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