Linking Education and Spiritual Mentorship

In 2018, Tent Schools International (TSI) continues to support a tent school in Lebanon serving Syrian refugee children, with goal of bringing peace and opportunity to their lives while showing God’s love for them.

George M.*, a Lebanese national and director of TSI’s partner organization there, reports that the school’s enrollment has increased from 75 to 85 students ranging in age from five to ten years old who have been placed in two kindergarten sections and a first grade.

“We teach five days a week, four hours daily,” George wrote. “Our day starts with spiritual time – Bible stories and praise songs for kids. Our goal is to sew God’s word in them, believing God will take care of this seed and [nurture it].”

After this spiritual enrichment time each morning, teachers cover the basics in Arabic, Math and English, using curriculum from the Lebanese ministry of education. Children are also taught crafts and personal care, including how to protect themselves from physical abuse in the camp.

“We are witnessing progress academically with the kids who have never been in school before, as they recognize the Arabic and English letters,” George wrote. “The parents see the changes in their children and their progress, and that impacts some of the mothers [in particular].”

“One lady from the camp has two kids in the school. Every day they go back home singing the praise songs we taught them,” George continued. “She came to us asking about the songs, and that gave us the opportunity to share the gospel with her. We gave her the New Testament and told her that she can pray for the kids in Jesus’ name, and she is doing that every night with them…This raises up hope in us, and we believe God can use kids to reach their parents.”

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