Blessings of Summer

COCREF schools, Dominican Republic (photo: Lynell Shooks)

The one, sure ritual around our house in summer was the twice-weekly walk to the local farmers’ market. Mom would inspect and negotiate around the fresh produce at her favorite stalls and then load up our red Radio Flyer wagon for the two-block walk home. Being city kids, we weren’t that close to the earth; we simply enjoyed the fruits of farm workers’ labor.

As you read the stories on our blog this summer, remember those who labor in the schools and in partner programs, which thrive due to your prayer and gifts. While they live out their vocations, many of us are able to take time off, enjoying the weather and renewing our energy for the work God calls us to do.

For many organizations, summers are dry months for giving. For what has been planted in faith, water is needed to see these efforts through to harvest. One of the best ways to keep the water flowing is to become a member of our Circle of Friends. Through a monthly gift you set, TSI continues to irrigate our partnerships.

Students perform a traditional dance at school in Nepal

Since Rawan Haddad, our Development Director, has come on board, we are aware of more opportunities to help plant new schools serving Middle Eastern refugee children. We want to see this region flourish as an oasis of hope for kids who need access to compassionate education.

Together, let’s water the dry places, helping children learn and get to know the One who promises Living Water.

Enjoy the blessings of summer!

Dale Dieleman, Executive Director, Tent Schools International