Winter in the Camps

Rawan and Salah (in red jackets) with friends from Syria in the Bekaa Valley camp

This has been the second winter for me and my family in the U.S. since we moved here from our home in Jordan. It’s wonderful to look out the window and see everything covered in snow from inside a warm house, with a cup of coffee in my hand. I’m grateful for this warmth.

At the same time, I feel sadness because I remember my friends in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, in the tents where they live, with a hard winter and so much snow ahead. There is no warmth inside these tents, their hands and feet are cold, and they spend most of their time burning wood to make a fire where they can warm their hands and heat water for tea.

I did this with them once when my husband, Salah, and I visited them in Bekaa Valley as part of our ministry; I could feel the core of my body shaking from cold.

On that day we spent in Bekaa, we sat together talking and laughing with a Syrian family. They had so much pain in their eyes when they told us about their homes and lives in Syria, afraid for their kids’ future and how they might meet their basic needs.

After half an hour of sitting together, Zainab and Zaid, their children, arrived home from school along with many other kids; we could see all of them coming from a long distance. Their clothes were wet, and warm jackets were scarce.

Their mom said to me, “I hope that one day they will have a school close to our camp, with good teachers and good materials.”

We could see all of them coming from a long distance. Their clothes were wet, and warm jackets were scarce.

As a mother, she felt sorry for them as they walked miles in the cold, wet and under-dressed. I felt sorry for them too.

Supporters like you help us establish tent schools where they are needed most, especially in this weather, and equip teachers to create compassionate learning environments. With you, we can help these children realize their dreams, empowering an educated, healthy and healed generation with a compassionate worldview, and with so much love to give.

The need for education is great, and the need for Jesus’ love is even greater. Thank you for being a part of this ministry in the past with your prayers and donations. We appreciate you! We covet your prayers, and ask that you continue to support this ministry as, together, we advocate for displaced children.

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