Iraqi girl is the face of the refugee crisis

Displaced children with learning barriers receive extra support to thrive at school and home

Mariam arrived one year ago at The Good Shepherd School, a TSI partner near Amman, Jordan. Even with full-time attention from an adult shadow teacher, Mariam ran away from class and disrupted the classroom environment.

“When we accepted Mariam into the school, it was very challenging, but our love of Mariam and our belief in the school’s vision made us treat her as part of this community,” Mariam’s principal said. “Our school was founded to build a bridge of love and to empower kids to have confidence in themselves. The goal is to build relationships among the kids so when they leave us, they will be able to be leaders in their community and lead effective lives.”

Through focused effort and the continued nurture of her shadow teacher, Mariam is learning and thriving at school.

Even more important, the impact has spilled over into Mariam’s home. The school worked closely with her family to coordinate interventions between school and home. Mariam’s father says support from the school have been life-changing for Mariam and her family.

“The school’s acceptance of Mariam made us feel comforted,” he said. “The Good Shepherd School gave Mariam love and care, and they helped her be part of the class, the school, and the community. All this effort transferred to my family in our home so we can deal with her more easily.

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