Tent Schools create hope amid staggering increases in displacement worldwide

Children attend school in Jordan through Tent Schools International support.

As we mark World Refugee Day, we need to share some staggering news about the numbers of people displaced throughout the world due to violence, natural disaster and persecution. According to new numbers from the United Nations, 70 million people worldwide have fled their homes.

That is more than the entire population of the Midwestern United States.Here’s the worst part. The rates of displacement for children have increased over the last 10 years. For the first time in history, children now make up half of the displaced population. While the numbers of displaced are going up, the numbers who get to return to their homeland within five years are going down.

As a result of fleeing for their lives, displaced children can miss years of education. Syrian refugee children, for instance, can miss an average of five years of schooling. Their host nations and the United Nations simply can’t keep up with the demand for schools for children who have left everything behind.

That’s where Tent Schools International comes in. We work with Christian partners in the world’s hotspots to meet displaced families where they are with safe, compassionate classrooms where they can heal. Our work extends the love of Jesus to families in need by providing a school for their children. Our work currently focuses on displaced Syrians and Iraqi Christians. We can’t undo the crises that forced them from their homes. We can give them back a sense of hope and a foothold on a promising future.

Thank you for walking with us as we extend the love of God through access to education.