Our work continues despite global pandemic

We trust you are well in this unprecedented global crisis. We wanted to let you know that the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are being felt by our partner schools in the same ways that we are experiencing the effects here in the United States. In the Middle East, daily life has been put on pause with the closure of schools, universities, all non-essential businesses, and factories. Borders have been closed and people are scared.

School children are safe at home with their families to ride out the crisis. We wanted to let you know that our partners continue to meet the needs of displaced children and their families.

Here are partner actions to date:

  • Before school shutdowns, our partners instructed students on health hygiene so that children know to cover their coughs, wash their hands, and wipe down all surfaces.
  • The Good Shepherd School, which we support through your gifts, was deep cleaned, as was the school’s bus.
  • After schools were closed last week, school staff spent three days visiting families to provide the families with food to cover the first days of the crisis. Families served by our partners now have no ability to work and thus no ability to buy food.
  • Staff also provided children with books, worksheets and supplies so they can continue learning.
  • School staff will continue to visit the children’s homes weekly to collect their work and deliver food and school supplies.

It is important to note that the students at our partner schools were traumatized by violence in their homelands. The Covid-19 response has re-opened wells of deep anxiety. In short, these children lost hope of going to school once before. The current shutdown again creates worries that they might never get back to school. To quell their fears, our partner is encouraging parents to turn off the news and refrain from talking about their worries. They are also encouraging parents to actively participate in their children’s learning and shared family activities.

Our partners are continuing the work of creating hope for children through loving schools. Your continued support is needed now more than ever. We ask that you hold all displaced children in your prayers, and please consider a donation so our partner can meet the increased demand for cleaning supplies, food, books, and school supplies.

Your support is needed now more than ever.

Covid-19 has left classrooms empty around the world.