Computer grant program offers free laptops for schooling at home

Tent Schools International, in partnership with Comprenew, has made major changes to an existing technology mission to  help individuals and families who are not equipped with adequate devices to continue their education at home through pandemic school closures.

Our partner Comprenew is a non-profit electronics recycler that refurbishes computers for resale. Our partnership with Comprenew has long allowed us to offer computers and training to resettled families and individuals in West Michigan and around the world. In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we have made major changes to our program to get computers to more people who need them for schooling. The changes are as follows:

  • Our fee of $95 may be waived if there is a demonstrated financial need. Fees will now range from $0-95 on a sliding scale.
  • Our training-hours requirement for grantees is waived.
  • Grantees may receive up to three support phone calls from Comprenew to make sure they know how to use their computers.

Any resettled family or individual who is experiencing economic hardship and lacks a computer to continue schooling is eligible to apply. In addition, any family who lives in Michigan who resides in Kent, Ottawa, Otsego and Marquette counties can apply. Applications can be found here.

Direct questions to Executive Director Emily Klooster at eklooster@tentschoolsint.org