Relief efforts needed as pandemic squeezes refugee families

The relatively small nations of Jordan and Lebanon kept the coronavirus from spreading widely in the first several months of the pandemic. Students enjoyed mask-free classes in September because cases were largely contained over the summer.
The tight control ended in the last half of October. Cases continue to skyrocket. Jordan, a nation of ten million, is logging 5,000 cases a day. Jordan, a nation of six million, is recording upwards of 2,000 new cases daily. The result is quarantines, curfews, and remote learning for children as schools close.
The financial situation for refugee families is always difficult even in the best of times. With the pandemic, the ability to earn even a modest income became even more difficult. In response, our partner schools have put great resources into food distributions to families.
Our schools have always provided meals to children when they are in school. It is a completely new endeavor for our partners to assemble large boxes of food to nourish entire families and it is stetching our partners to the limit.
Their food outreach includes checking in with families on their mental state and to extend loving support.
The outreach effort also provides school materials to young children so they can be occupied and make progress on their studies while they wait at home.