Educating refugees in Lebanon is tough. The chief challenge has been stable locations.
On more than one occasion,

we set up a shipping container school in a refugee camp, and then the camp moved or was disbanded a few months later.

To eliminate the risk of being upended, we plan to purchase and equip a cargo truck that will deliver school to our students even if they are forced to move. It will also help us reach communities we have been unable to serve.
The dream moved closer to reality recently when  two generous donors offered a donation-match challenge to help us get there. All donations designated to the cargo truck will be matched up to $12,500!
We are supporting a truck instead of a refitted school bus so the vehicle can serve multiple purposes. A truck could deliver disaster relief. It could also house mobile dental and medical clinics. The cargo truck can also help us add programming. For instance, the school can be equipped to serve primary school students during the week and reloaded to teach aspiring electricians on the weekend.
It is our dream to eventually equip the truck to deliver job skills training for future electricians. The school could quite literally support elementary students in one location and vocational-training students in another location.
Every dollar you give becomes two dollars to help us achieve our goal. The truck in Lebanon can serve children for 10 years or more. It is truly a gift that lasts for the long haul.
To give, go to our donation page and type “truck” in the gift-designation line. Thank you!