Imagine missing the childhood delight of a day at the beach.
Many Syrian refugee children live within two hours of the Mediterranean Sea, yet most of them have never been there. Many of their parents have not been the sea either.
A field trip and other chances to have fun create a lasting impact in terms of healing and hope. Simply stated, children heal by leaps and bounds when they can be children again. Hope grows inside them when they see that there is a large, beautiful world outside of their hard lives in refugee communities. They begin to dream about living in that world. When they dream, they see the importance of working hard at school.
Our partners provide opportunities for recreation to our students and their parents. The stress of a refugee life robs parents and children of chances to enjoy one another. We try to give some of that pleasure back to strengthen their family bonds.
Before the coronavirus, our partners offered
  • days for parents and children to play games and make arts and crafts together;
  • excursions to the sea, swimming pools, and public playgrounds;
  • their first chance to eat in a restaurant.
When the worst days of the pandemic are over, our partners will resume field trips because they will be needed more than ever.
When children return to our school in Jordan, we also hope we can unveil updates to their playground.