Syrian refugees and their Lebanese hosts struggle through a dark winter

Look ahead to news in the coming months about our new venture to create a classroom on the back of a cargo truck! The concept art (right) shows the potential to create learning space in the cargo box.

Concept art to show how a cargo box can be outfitted to become a classroom.

The cargo truck project is one bright spot in a bleak time for Syrian refugees and their host nation of Lebanon.

Like much of the world, Syrian refugees in Lebanon are doing their best to ride out the pandemic.

A relaxation of restrictions over Christmas and New Year’s gave way to a rapid rise in Covid-19 cases that overwhelmed Lebanese hospitals. To stop the spread, the nation of 6.8 million went into curfew that began in mid-January and continues today. No one was to leave home except for food and essential work.

Before the curfew, our partner prepared students with food and materials so children could learn on their own while they wait.

Like our partner in Jordan, our Lebanese partner has turned to relief efforts simply to get families through the winter in the hope the vaccine arrives soon. 

Through the end of 2020, small groups of students were able to attend school and hold Christmas celebrations. We provided food for their families, and gifts

Concept art for the truck and cargo box that will become a mobile classroom in Lebanon.

for a badly needed celebration.


Lebanese citizens and their Syrian guests are all suffering right now, said our partner Joseph Milan. Lebanon, once a prosperous beacon of stability, is disintegrating amid a national financial crisis and

a government incapable of ending corruption. The government is failing to serve the Lebanese people. The massive explosion in Beirut in August was salt in the wound. Entire city blocks near the blast remain marred by twisted metal.

Still, the work continues. God willing, the curfew will lift and our teachers will resume classes for children in small groups. Until then, our partner waits and plans the next round of food aid to keep families afloat through the difficult times until students can learn together again.

Food deliveries for are ready for delivery to the Syrian refugee families we serve.