Achiet’s Story

“My name is Achiet. I am 11 years old and in grade 4. I was born in Rumbek, South Sudan. I fled my country recently in the war of 2013 that began in Juba capital. I lost both of my parents, and since then I have accompanied people running to Kenya, in Nairobi. I became […]

Kenyan School Serves Children Fleeing South Sudan

NAIROBI, KENYA – A Christ-centered school in Kenya has been taking in children from South Sudan for years, but a spike in the number of children arriving began in 2013. Now, as violence continues, they are struggling to meet the need. In South Sudan, conflict has been a part of life since the 1980s, but […]

Fighting for Opportunity (Salome’s Story)

ALALE, KENYA – As a young girl growing up in the Pokot tribe of Kenya, Salome was viewed as a source of wealth for her family. She is part of a culture in which goats, sheep and cows are given to parents in exchange for a daughter’s marriage to an older, established man. The result? […]

Exodus from South Sudan

Before Syrian refugees captured the news, you may recall stories of the Lost Boys who symbolized the child refugee risking everything to escape certain death. NAIROBI, KENYA – Today, though not making headlines, equally frightening stories continue to leak out of South Sudan where tribally-related violence is creating a new surge of refugees. The United […]

From 8 to 20: The Girls of Kameris Christian School

All of us at Worldwide Christian Schools (WWCS) hope you experience the comfort and joy of “Christ with us” during this Advent season and throughout the coming year. Christ becomes real sometimes in ways we can hardly imagine. We would like to take this opportunity to share an account of how one rural Kenyan Christian […]