Khaled’s Story

Let me introduce you to my friend Khaled, who I met when I was working with refugee populations in Jordan. Khaled was nine years old when he arrived in Jordan with his mom and siblings, but without his dad, who was killed in front of him by ISIS. When I first met Khaled he was […]

Rihab’s Story

Rihab is 11 years old. She is from Bayadah, Homos and came to Lebanon five years ago fleeing the war in Syria. She has five brothers and sisters and this year she is attending our tent school program. In the last five years she was in Lebanon she went for one year to a school […]

Achiet’s Story

“My name is Achiet. I am 11 years old and in grade 4. I was born in Rumbek, South Sudan. I fled my country recently in the war of 2013 that began in Juba capital. I lost both of my parents, and since then I have accompanied people running to Kenya, in Nairobi. I became […]

Fatima’s Story

BEKAA VALLEY, LEBANON – Fatima has lived in a refugee camp in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon since she was two years old. Her parents, four brothers and one sister fled the town of Edleb, Syria four years ago, when random bombings in the area by militants caused bakeries and grocery stores to close. Food became scarce, […]

Abeer’s Story

BEKAA VALLEY, LEBANON – Have you wondered who you are helping when you support our mission for displaced children? When you give to the ministry of Tent Schools International, you are directly impacting children like Abeer, a refugee living in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. Abeer is ten years old. She has lived in a […]

50 Kids Like Kaiis

BEKAA VALLEY, LEBANON – Tent Schools International (TSI) is partnering with Lebanese Christians to impact Bekaa Valley, an area with the highest concentration of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Hinging on the support of donors, a new tent school is planned for a camp near the city of Zahle this spring. George*, director of TSI’s partner […]