Ready to roll: a new mode of education

With your help, refugee children in Lebanon finally have their mobile school on a cargo truck. After a year of reporting on the “almost-ready” status of a school on a truck, the dream of a mobile school for Syrian children has finally reached the camps of Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. The pandemic and societal upheaval […]

Ready, set, go! Schools prepare children for resettlement

Our goal at Tent Schools International is to get displaced children enrolled in loving schools. We want them to be ready when they return home in peace, or move to a new homeland. Our work honors and nurtures the God-given talent in each child so they can reach their potential, essentially erasing the gaps in […]

Refugee host nations stretched to limits amid enormous needs

With human migration, often the nations with the least to spare become hosts to the most refugees. Two prime examples of the pattern are Jordan and Lebanon. Both nations have fewer than 10 million citizens and neither nation is rich with oil or other natural resources. Yet, nearly one in every five people living in […]

Languages open doors for Syrian refugees

“For many of them, you can’t make up all the school they have lost.” Our partner in Lebanon said the learning losses for Syrian refugee children are simply too significant to make up through standard education, so Pastor Joseph Milan found a way for some children to jump over the gaps and find opportunity any […]

Syrian refugees and their Lebanese hosts struggle through a dark winter

Look ahead to news in the coming months about our new venture to create a classroom on the back of a cargo truck! The concept art (right) shows the potential to create learning space in the cargo box. The cargo truck project is one bright spot in a bleak time for Syrian refugees and their […]

When Covid-19 is behind us, they will heal through play therapy and childhood joy

Imagine missing the childhood delight of a day at the beach. Many Syrian refugee children live within two hours of the Mediterranean Sea, yet most of them have never been there. Many of their parents have not been the sea either. A field trip and other chances to have fun create a lasting impact in […]

Donations for cargo truck classroom will be doubled!

  Educating refugees in Lebanon is tough. The chief challenge has been stable locations. On more than one occasion, we set up a shipping container school in a refugee camp, and then the camp moved or was disbanded a few months later. To eliminate the risk of being upended, we plan to purchase and equip […]

Relief efforts needed as pandemic squeezes refugee families

The relatively small nations of Jordan and Lebanon kept the coronavirus from spreading widely in the first several months of the pandemic. Students enjoyed mask-free classes in September because cases were largely contained over the summer. The tight control ended in the last half of October. Cases continue to skyrocket. Jordan, a nation of ten […]

Syrian refugees struggle amid virus, upheaval

For the last ten years, shipping container schools have been a staple of educational access in refugee camps. They are inexpensive and relatively easy to set up. Once they are wired for electricity and internet access, they just need chairs, tables, and children. But sometimes, a temporary school is too permanent to keep up with […]

Quick, easy wins spark love of learning among refugees

Joseph Milan wants to reignite a love of learning in the Syrian refugee children who attend his shipping container school in Lebanon. In nine years of working with Syrian refugees, the Lebanese pastor knows how children and families, quite understandably, give up. The living conditions in tent cities are harsh through scorching heat in summer […]