The refugee crisis can be overwhelming because it is huge and never-ending.

Currently, more than 82 million people are refugees. They had to flee their homes to escape violence and threats to their lives in their home nations.

Once families become refugees, they can be stuck in limbo for several years. On average, they wait more than a decade for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in their homeland or the chance to legally emigrate to a new nation.

Up to 34 million children are growing up as refugees. Their formative years are spent living in refugee camps, and many of them do not have access to a quality education. An estimated 40 percent of primary school-age refugee children do not have a school to attend. This number is especially tragic, considering that it only costs $35-75 a day to educate a refugee child. The cost varies based on the location and the means of delivering classroom space.

As a faith-based organization, we challenge American Christians to extend the love of Christ to refugee children through educational opportunity. When we help refugee children gain access to a school with a loving teacher, we are helping the least of these among us. And the impact on children and their families is profound. When refugees learn that Christians in the United States care about their children enough to send them to school, the whole family finds hope.

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