Mission Statement

Tent Schools International demonstrates the love of Jesus Christ for displaced and refugee children by providing safe, compassionate learning environments that exchange chaos and loss for peace and opportunity.  Through our grant process, we support innovative, educational initiatives empowering children who are displaced to discover their God-given potential. Understanding the terms in this statement will help guide your grant submissions.


Our support is both monetary and through training and resources.  All parties who are awarded funds will also participate in a training and orientation process available online.

Innovative, educational initiatives

Tent Schools International invites creative proposals for giving displaced children a successful educational experience.  Proposals will include a description of the program, educational outcomes and measurements for outcome achievement.

Empowering children who are displaced

Children who are displaced face barriers to education. Tent Schools International awards funds to initiatives addressing such barriers and how children will be given equitable educational opportunities that equip them to be successful in life.

Discover God-given potential

Tent Schools International recognizes that all people are made in the image of God and therefore are to be respected and enfolded as members of the family of God, through Jesus Christ. All have been given gifts and talents through their Creator for His glory and for the service of others.  Educational settings are especially important whereby children understand they are gifted by God and where they begin to discover and practice their talents.

Grant Application Content

“Children require not simply access to education, but also equality of opportunity when in education, and quality teaching to ensure enhanced learning outcomes and successful progression through education.” (from a 2011 UNESCO report).

Tent Schools International especially seeks grant proposals addressing the issues of access to education, helping displaced children stay in school, and successfully progress through school.