Your church can easily get involved in Tent School’s life-changing work. Sunday Schools and Christians schools can too.

Individually, the refugee crisis is overwhelming. But when we come together, we can do mighty things. Dozens of congregations support Tent Schools International with special offerings and grants from their missions funds. Consider adding Tent Schools to the organizations your congregation supports. Your support provides hope to hurting families by getting refugee children back into school.

If you think your congregation or small group would enjoy learning more, we would be happy to visit you. We offer in-person presentations, virtual presentations, and videos that we can tailor to your service and the time you have available for us. We would be honored to get to know you and share the ways we are extending love and hope to families in need.

Send a message to info@tentschoolsint.org to learn more.

Coin drives are a fun, easy way to teach children about refugees and philanthropy.

Coin drives are an easy way to help kids see that they can help people in crisis. When children in the United States see children just like themĀ  experiencing the loss of their homes and schools, they naturally want to spring to action. Coin drives help students see that they can do something to help others.

Join us! Sign up for a coin drive to fund a tent school. Send a message today to info@tentschoolsint.org to discuss the materials we can send to you to run a successful coin drive at your school or Sunday School program. Also, ask us about visiting your class via Zoom or in person to learn more about refugees and our work to deliver school to them.

Here is a list of books to help kids understand what it’s like to be a refugee.