Tent Schools International is a team of passionate people dedicated to the cause of education for those who have the least access to it. We are parents, friends, neighbors, citizens and advocates who are doing what we can, where we can, to impact our world for the better.




Scott Vander Kooy leads Tent Schools International (TSI) as President, guiding the organization’s vision since 2001. He is passionate about providing equal educational opportunity to all children, environmental issues and ethical business. Scott has traveled extensively through his work with TSI, building up partnerships in the Philippines, Singapore, China, India, Romania, Ukraine and Guatemala. He is also president of TSI’s sister organization Comprenew, an electronics-recycling non-profit company dedicated to inspiring environmental care and increasing vocational preparedness through education for people from all segments of society. Scott and his wife, Jan, have three children.

svanderkooy@tentschoolsint.org / (616) 531-9102



Emily Klooster has been with us since 2005, formerly as a staff writer, social media manager and communications coordinator. In 2019 she became our Executive Director, overseeing administration, programs and strategic plan. Emily is also involved in fundraising, marketing and community outreach. She is passionate about human rights and equity, environmental protection, travel, music, books and spending time outdoors with her family. She studied English at Calvin College, completing an internship in communications with the international development organization World Renew. After graduating, Emily spent one year as an AmeriCorps volunteer, tutoring at-risk students in Seattle, Washington, and another year teaching fourth grade to English Language Learners (ELL) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She currently mentors a teen girl at Treetops Collective. Emily and her husband, Jono, have three children.

eklooster@tentschoolsint.org / (616) 988-8261



Rawan Haddad joined us in 2018, maintaining positive relationships with supporters and growing our base by sharing her firsthand knowledge about the refugee experience and getting to know people at events and over coffee. She also helps develop TSI partnerships in the Middle East that promote educational initiatives for displaced children. Rawan is passionate about mentoring women, Jordanian food, and showing God’s love through action. Rawan and her family are originally from Jordan, where they spent four years working with Syrian refugees in the Zaatari camp through Global Hope Network International. She has also taught Arabic as a second language, trained in a two-year discipleship program with Arab Woman Today Ministries, and served as a pastor’s wife, leading children and adults at her church. Rawan currently volunteers as an Arabic instructor for children at West Michigan Friendship Center. She and her husband, Salah, have two sons.

rhaddad@tentschoolsint.org / (616) 988-8260



Anne Hamming (2019) leads print and digital communications for TSI. She is the editor of our quarterly newsletter, and she also manages our website, social media, and marketing. Anne is passionate about leading a life of service and learning ways to communicate in ways that connect us. She has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Illinois in Urbana and has edited for two local newspapers. Anne has also worked as a freelance writer and life coach, and was most recently a communications strategist for Byrum & Fisk Communications. She wrote a book called Saving Lee, Finding Grace about her family’s journey through grave illness and recovery to find hope waiting for them on the other side. Anne serves on a variety of public education boards and committees, and volunteers regularly at the schools her two children attend.

ahamming@tentschoolsint.org / (616) 531-9102



Kathy Fauble (2019) manages our database and donor services department. Kathy loves data – she maintains detailed records of donors, leads data entry, maintenance and receipting, manages our bookkeeping, and formulates mail and email lists as needed. She provides valuable reporting to staff to give them the information they need to do their jobs well. Kathy is passionate about her family and loves to spend time with her two dogs and grandchildren at the lake. She has advanced training in accounting and computer technology and spent 30 years managing the data and information systems for the United Way of West Michigan. Kathy is a team player, open to change, thinks out of the box, and has a sixth sense for troubleshooting. She is the most recent addition to our staff and we are excited to have her on board!

kfauble@tentschoolsint.org / (616) 531-9102



Our sister organization, Comprenew, delivers TSI’s technological training program for resettled students. Martel Posey recruits volunteer trainers and manages training classes from our headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI. He also coordinates satellite training programs at other locations serving resettled families in the Grand Rapids area. Learn more or contact Martel with inquiries on LEAP training.

mposey@comprenew.org / (616) 531-9102





Berniz Constanza is the Vice President of Housing and Family Services for Inner City Christian Federation, a non-profit housing corporation shaped by its belief that all people deserve safe, clean, affordable housing. She formerly worked as Community School Coordinator for Kent School Services Network (KSSN), a non-profit partner of the schools that help students and families access needed resources. Berniz has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Calvin College. She is a process developer and strategic thinker, capable of effectively moving organizations forward. Berniz and her husband, Aaron, live in Grand Rapids, MI. Learn more about Berniz here.


Trent Wieringa is Associate Vice President for Colliers International-West Michigan and has a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Marketing from Grand Valley State University. At Colliers, Trent calls on clients to better understand their needs and then physically tours the marketplace to find the best solutions to those needs. His detailed research, evaluation of potential assets, and willingness to actively search the market makes Trent an invaluable asset to his clients. Trent is also the grandson of one of our founders, carrying on a legacy! He lives in Grand Rapids, MI and has one child with his wife, Chelsea.

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Virginia LaGrand has had a lengthy and diverse career in education. She and her late husband James, a pastor, were outspoken defenders of racial justice and diversity in the church and society throughout the 60s and 70s, with great compassion for people who were marginalized. Virginia and James taught in Nigeria for two years in the early 60s, then moved to Michigan where Virginia taught at Calvin University. After a stint in Connecticut where James studied at Yale, the couple moved to England with their four boys as both pursued their studies and research in their fields. With years in between spent in Indiana and Nova Scotia, eventually the LaGrands landed in Chicago where Virginia was an associate professor of English at Trinity College in Palos Heights, IL for 17 years (1990 to 2008). Now retired in Grand Rapids, MI, Virginia is a long-time supporter of our former identity, Worldwide Christian Schools, and remains a loyal supporter of Tent Schools International in her role as a staff advisor.








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