The Covid-19 pandemic made clear that all students need home computers to help them succeed in school.

The need is especially great for refugee children, who often experience devastating gaps in their education. Tent Schools International works abroad and in the United States to make sure refugee students are equipped with the devices they need to learn. We provide refurbished laptops and other devices in partnership with electronics recycler Comprenew.

Together, Tent Schools International and Comprenew offer free or greatly discounted devices for resettled refugees.

For Resettlement Agencies: If you work for a resettlement agency or any organization that helps resettled refugees in the United States, use one of the applications below to attain devices for your clients:




International Grants for Technology: If you are an international entity serving displaced populations, you might qualify for educational technology or funding for educational technology. To find out, apply for a grant from Tent Schools International.

Discounts for Non-Profit Organizations: We provide discounted computers and hardware for organizations that work with resettled families. If you are an entity serving displaced families, you may be eligible to receive a 25% discount on ShopComprenew.org. Organizations that wish to be considered for this discount program should fill out the discount application. TSI staff will be in touch with you shortly after you submit your application. We will set up a shop account for your organization and send you the log-in information and discount code.