Technology is an integral part of learning in today’s world, but the majority of displaced youth and adults do not have access to a computer or the training to use it effectively.

LEAP is a digital equity program of Tent Schools International in partnership with Comprenew that offers three services:

1. Computer Literacy

Resettled students in the United States can complete a LEAP technological training course (Comprenew Connect) while also earning a computer for educational or career training purposes. Our goal is to close the digital divide while setting up students and their families for success. Training classes build confidence and technical skills. Those that qualify will have an opportunity to receive a warrantied computer from a Comprenew store upon completion of the class.

Taught using an online training program under the supervision of an instructor, the program includes training in Microsoft Word and Excel, email correspondence, and internet navigation. Students learn how to:

  • create a personal budget,
  • write letters, resumes and more,
  • write and send emails,
  • do internet research
  • and be confident and comfortable using technology

The LEAP training fee is $95, which includes the earned computer. The 7-10-week course takes place from 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM on Wednesdays at Tent Schools International + Comprenew headquarters at 629 Ionia Ave. SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Apply for LEAP training today by filling out the LEAP training application.

If your church or organization would like to host a LEAP training course for a resettled population you serve, contact us.

2. Discount for Organizations

We provide discounted computers and related hardware for approved organizations that work with resettled families. If you are an entity serving displaced populations, you may be eligible to receive a 25% discount on Organizations that wish to be considered for this discount program should first fill out the LEAP discount application. TSI staff will be in touch with you shortly after you submit your application. If approved, we will set up a shop account for your organization and send you the log-in information and discount code.

3. International Grants for Technology

If you are an international entity serving displaced populations and would like to receive funding for educational technology programs, you may apply for a grant from Tent Schools International.

LEAP’s Impact

Student videographers Isaac Wamujje and Kareem Drake made this video to help spread the word about LEAP. They are learning video editing and used their new skills to show LEAP’s impact at the African Resource Center in Grand Rapids, MI. Watch to learn more about LEAP’s direct impact on education for resettled students.