She may be displaced,
but she is not defeated.

Help welcome refugees
with education.

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What We Do

Displaced people groups exist on every continent around the globe, and half of displaced people are children.

Tent Schools International comes alongside Christian leaders in refugee camps and other transitional areas to establish effective schools for displaced children.

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Establish tent schools where
they are needed most

Empower displaced children
through access to technology

Equip local teachers to create
compassionate learning spaces,
in Jesus' name

Watch Our Video

Refugee children, parents and tent-school teachers share what education means to them in our latest video from Lebanon.

#GivingTentsDay / Mexico Earthquake

On November 28, 2017, we launch #GivingTentsDay on #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving! Together, our goal is to raise funds for tent schools in Mexico after two September earthquakes damaged or destroyed many schools in five of the most vulnerable states in the country.

We’ll begin by funding a school that will be staffed by our partner in Mexico. $5,000 can raise a school that can serve at least 50 children. The more support we receive on GivingTentsDay, the more tent schools TSI can raise for communities affected by the earthquakes. RSVP on Facebook and give today.

“Today, temporary schools or classrooms are needed for all those who were affected by the earthquake so that children, young people and adults can continue their preparation and be unaffected in their studies,” said TSI contact German Ibarra Ramos. “Authorities are working to find outside spaces for students to re activate their classes as soon as possible…the situation is critical.”

Read stories of impact from displaced children and join the #GivingTentsDay community by giving today, and especially on November 28!

(Below: earthquake damage to classrooms in Mexico, September 2017. Photos courtesy of German Ibarra Ramos.)