It doesn’t matter if children are Muslim
or Christian, male or female, from Syria
or from the United States.

They have the right
to go to school.

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What We Do

Displaced people groups exist on every continent around the globe, and half of displaced people are children.

Tent Schools International comes alongside Christian leaders in refugee camps and other transitional areas to establish effective schools for displaced children.

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Establish tent schools where
they are needed most

Equip teachers to facilitate
safe learning environments

Empower displaced children 
through education based on
the teachings of Jesus

Video Release from Lebanon

Refugee children, parents and tent-school teachers share what education means to them in a new video release from Lebanon.

Expansion into Tanzania

Take a look at these two children. We see obvious differences in ethnicity, gender and age. The young girl on the left is from Syria. The little boy on the right calls the East African country of Burundi his home.

Still, they do have something in common.

Both are living in places that are foreign to them in crowded camp conditions, having been displaced by war – the girl in Lebanon, the boy in Tanzania. Should violence and political instability back home continue, both will call their camps home, perhaps well into their adulthood.

What else do they share? Both children benefit from the compassion of people like you, through your generous support of Tent Schools International (TSI). As members of our team, we wanted to announce that we are expanding our mission into Tanzania, a sanctuary for thousands of refugees from neighboring Burundi, while we continue to maintain our initiative in Lebanon.

Just as no two refugee situations are the same, neither are our methods. In Lebanon, our focus is supporting literal tent schools; in Tanzania, our tool is technology. Trained by TSI associates there, young people will learn computer skills to compete for jobs, whether in a host country or, one day, back in Burundi.

During our 30 years as a school-focused organization, we have seen how education brings hope. TSI’s new computer program will open a broader range of economic opportunity for students in this digital age.

The children in these photos have TSI in common, but they also share something else: knowledge of the good news of Jesus Christ and His love for them! It is our prayer this year that they will experience how transformative the Gospel can be in whatever circumstances they find themselves.

We invite you to join us as we launch this new opportunity, using technology to prepare each student for jobs tomorrow, and life eternal.

Dale Dieleman, TSI Vice President