Most refugee children do not have the opportunity for an education.

Together, we can
change that.

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Displaced people groups exist on every continent around the globe, and half of displaced people are children.

Tent Schools International comes alongside Christian leaders in refugee camps and other transitional areas to establish effective schools for displaced children.

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Establish tent schools where
they are needed most

Equip teachers to facilitate
safe learning environments

Empower displaced children 
through education based on
the teachings of Jesus

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Latest News

We are watching progress toward the $32,800 goal that would launch a new tent school in the largest refugee camp in Lebanon.

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We’re making progress on a new tent school in Lebanon!

If funds can be raised in the next few weeks to hire teachers, this school will open in October. Some of the children have never been to school; many others have had their education disrupted for as long as five years. This school will serve 50 kids in a camp near Zahle, Lebanon.

If you would like to help this school with textbooks, heating as winter arrives, and support for hiring teachers, give today.