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Technology for refugees.

Why is technology for refugees so important?

The Covid-19 pandemic made it clear that all students need home computers to help them succeed in school, especially refugee children who often experience gaps in their education. 

Tent Schools International works abroad and in the United States to make sure refugee students are equipped with the devices they need to learn.

We partner with electronics refurbishing company Comprenew to offer free or discounted devices for refugee students and resettled families through our LEAP program.

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Technology for refugees is part of the solution.
We partner with local leadership to offer these services:

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Ongoing Campaign
Food relief for school families
COVID-19 Campaign
Ongoing Campaign

Our technology clients:

Bethany Christian Services

Refugee and immigrant clients in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Treetops Collective

Resettled teen girls in
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ama International

Families in Zapopan, Mexico displaced by earthquakes

African Resource Center

Resettled students from African nations in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Alliance Church Jordan

Syrian refugees in Amman, Jordan

Norbert and Friends Ministries

Refugees from Burundi living in camps in Tanzania

Warm Heart Lebanon

Syrian refugees attending a mobile school in Lebanon

Academy of Wisdom

Educators displaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Merheb Tent Schools

Syrian refugees in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

Love Justice Nepal

Displaced girls at risk of trafficking in Nepal

New City Kids

Under-served students in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Teach Beyond

Syrian refugees involved with the Athens Birthday Project in Greece

Help us welcome the stranger.

We honor the biblical mandate to welcome those from other nations who are fleeing for their lives. We strive to put ourselves in their place, to love our neighbor as ourselves (Leviticus 19:18), to treat them as would want to be treated if the circumstances were reversed.