Tent Schools International

Schools can help.

Refugee children miss more than three years of schooling on average, and half of displaced children worldwide are not in school. The refugee crisis can feel overwhelming, but schools can help. When people of faith come together, we can make a substantial impact while showing God’s love to children in need. All it takes is a dedicated person willing to lead. We’ll help you get started!

Classroom coin drives

When children see kids like them experiencing the loss of their homes and schools, they naturally want to take action. Coin drives show kids they can do something to help children in need. Contact us to request materials for a successful coin drive!

School fundraisers

Many schools support Tent Schools International with fundraisers, especially during the fall giving season. Consider hosting a fundraiser at your school! You'll provide hope to hurting families by getting refugee children back into school.

Chapel or assembly presentations

We would love to visit your school's chapel or assembly period to share our ministry with you. We offer in-person or virtual presentations, as well as videos that we can tailor to your timeframe. We'd love to get to know you! Schedule a presentation for your classroom or student body today.