Tent Schools International


Want to see the work of Tent Schools International firsthand? Travel on a Vision Trip to Jordan! Our partners at Sense of Community would be thrilled to host you at Marka Education Center serving displaced Iraqi children. You’ll meet teachers, get to know students as a classroom volunteer, and join a tour of Jordan’s most stunning sites, including Petra and the Dead Sea.

Learn more about what you’ll see, who you’ll meet, and what you’ll do below.


Discover the magic of Jordan.

With ancient ruins, vibrant cities, and natural wonders like the Dead Sea and Wadi Rum, there’s something for everyone. Our experienced guides will take you on a journey, from the iconic rock city of Petra to the bustling markets of Amman. You’ll savor delicious Middle Eastern cuisine and enjoy warm Jordanian hospitality. Let us guide you on an unforgettable adventure!


Form unforgettable relationships.

You’ll meet our partners, the principal, teachers, and students at Marka Education Center serving displaced Iraqi children living in Amman.
You’ll also get the chance to connect with student families as you deliver care packages of food and medicine to their homes.


Roll up your sleeves in the classroom.

Volunteer in Marka Education Center’s classrooms. Work with students one-on-one or support teachers in English or art therapy classes.

Contact TSI’s Vision Trip Coordinator, Rawan Haddad, to learn more about joining us on a Vision Trip in summer 2025!

Why Vision Trips?

A Vision Trip is different than a traditional short-term mission trip. On Vision Trips, supporters go to learn about Jordan and witness the valuable work being done there by TSI’s on-the-ground team. The goal is to form relationships that could last a lifetime.

Do we serve on Vision Trips? Yes! Supporters will have the opportunity to volunteer in the classrooms and deliver aid to student families. The value you add extends beyond the trip in the form of meaningful human connections and prayerful support for the work of our partners as they serve refugee children through safe, compassionate schools.

How long is a Vision Trip?

Our trips are eight days including travel. You’ll spend a few days touring the spectacular sights of Jordan and a few more at our partner school, Marka Education Center in Amman.

What is the cost of a Vision Trip?

Our trips are reasonably priced and our partners at Sense of Community take care of everything, from booking flights, to food, to lodging, to coordinating with the school’s principal on ways supporters can engage with staff and students.

Contact TSI’s Vision Trip Coordinator, Rawan Haddad, to learn more.