Tent Schools International

Schools for refugees.

Our goal is to provide a safe school for every refugee child. Displaced children miss an average of three years of school. Together, we can change that.

We partner with in-country leaders to launch portable schools for children living in refugee camps and other transitional areas, including:

  • Construction materials or mobile-school vehicles
  • Desks, tables and chairs
  • Books, notebooks and pencils
  • Laptops for educators and classrooms
  • Vocational training supplies

Some schools are in tents, others are on cargo trucks traveling from camp to camp. We even support schools serving displaced populations in neighborhoods.

Schools since 1987
Students impacted
Teachers trained

It's a team effort to provide a safe school for every refugee child.
We partner with local leadership to offer these services:

Annual Goal
Ongoing Campaign
Food relief for school families
COVID-19 Campaign
Ongoing Campaign

Our in-country partners:

Your gifts support refugee schools in every way:

School Structures

Including tents, schools-on-wheels and neighborhood schools

Classroom Furniture

Including desks, study tables, chairs and whiteboards


Covering the essential subjects for success after resettlement

School Supplies

Backpacks, notebooks, pencils, and vocational training supplies

Educator Support

Teacher salaries that retain quality, compassionate instructors

School Lunches

Nutritious mid-day meals that keep bodies nourished and minds clear

Help us welcome the stranger.

We honor the biblical mandate to welcome those from other nations who are fleeing for their lives. We strive to put ourselves in their place, to love our neighbor as ourselves (Leviticus 19:18), to treat them as we would want to be treated if the circumstances were reversed.