Technology has become an integral part of learning in today’s world, but the majority of refugee youth do not have access to a computer.



We equip tent schools and computer training labs with laptops, increasing learning and job opportunities for refugee youth. Each laptop is fully equipped and ships for between $50 and $250, around the globe. Our partners are invested in the laptop program, paying the tax required by their countries for incoming technology themselves.

Where do you come in? We provide the laptops, but supporters of Tent Schools International can cover the cost of shipping on one or more laptops to refugee camps and other transitional areas around the world. Together, we can assure displaced youth that there is a future beyond the camp.

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In the United States, we offer laptops to resettled refugee families for educational purposes. Our family laptop program is designed to assist new Americans through access to technology as they work their way through high school or a career training program. The families we serve did not have prior access to laptop in their homes, and each family is involved with an agency that can come alongside them with technical training, as needed. To support this training, we connect the agency with online, self-paced training programs and encourage them to find volunteers who can conduct training sessions with refugee families in their homes or at the agency’s location.

Download the application form for a family laptop here.

If you are an individual or entity currently serving displaced populations through education centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ, you may also apply for a technology grant from Tent Schools International from this page.