Tent Schools International

A note for applicants: until further notice, please send applications directly to Emily Klooster, Executive Director.
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Resettlement agencies

We partner with electronics recycler Comprenew to offer free or discounted technology for refugee students and resettled families. If you work for a resettlement agency or any organization that helps resettled former refugees in the United States, apply today to attain LEAP devices for your clients.

Grants and discounts for non-profits serving refugees

We offer free or discounted technology to organizations that work with refugee and resettled families. If you are an entity serving displaced families, you may be eligible to receive free technology for your clients, or a 25% LEAP discount for your staff at ShopComprenew.orgOrganizations that wish to be considered for either purpose should fill out the LEAP application for non-profits. If approved, we will partner with your organization to grant devices to your eligible clients, and/or set up a ShopComprenew.org account for your organization with log-in information and discount code provided.

International grants for technology

If you are an international entity serving displaced populations, you might qualify for educational technology or funding toward that purpose. To find out, contact our LEAP program coordinator.