Tent Schools International

Emily Nederveld

Emily joined our team in 2022 as our grant consultant and writer, a role she also fills for our sister organization, Comprenew. Emily obtains urgent funding from foundations for refugee schools around the globe.

Emily attended Calvin University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English. She then went on to get her Masters in Secondary Education/English from Ohio State University. Emily worked for Comprenew after college as a customer service and sales rep, and has spent the past 20 years raising her children and running a home-based childcare center. 

Originally from New York and Illinois, Emily’s favorite subject in school was English. She cares deeply about her family and friends and loves to travel, read and go to the beach. In fact, the perfect day for Emily would be spent at the beach, on vacation, while reading! (You could also add a frozen margarita, she says.) She and her husband, Allen, have four children, three of whom are in college or beyond. 

(616) 531-9102