JUST Learning Silent Auction

Our First Live Auction Event! Worldwide Christian Schools invites you to save the date of October 1, 2015 for our first live JUST learning Silent Auction at City Flats Hotel in Grand Rapids, MI. The evening will coincide with ArtPrize 2015, the city’s biggest event of the year. We hope to see you there as together we empower more children to achieve their God-given potential.

Justice Fund is reaching students

Dear Friends of Worldwide Christian Schools, Thank you for your past and present support of Worldwide Christian Schools (WWCS)! Together, we are making a difference.  Day by day, week by week, and year by year, we’re making a positive impact in the lives of students like Suzy Mejilla. Suzy Mabel Mejilla is in 3rd grade […]

The Gift of Giving Back

Giving Christmas gifts this time of year is often a dance of lists, budgets and wondering, “Will they like what I got them?” One sure, always appreciated gift is that straight-from-the-heart gift of giving back. I once had the privilege to witness one “giving back” gift unwrapped before my eyes one rainy morning in the […]

From 8 to 20: The Girls of Kameris Christian School

All of us at Worldwide Christian Schools (WWCS) hope you experience the comfort and joy of “Christ with us” during this Advent season and throughout the coming year. Christ becomes real sometimes in ways we can hardly imagine. We would like to take this opportunity to share an account of how one rural Kenyan Christian […]

Meet Dulce, from Guatemala

Dear Friends, On a Hands™ trip to Guatemala in 2008, I met Dulce Belen, a sparkling five-year old who would come each day to the school where our team was serving.  She would wander into the school courtyard seeking companionship and safety. Dulce had been left alone in the village streets to fend for herself […]

A School for Roma Children

The Roma, or “Gypsy,” people are indeed one of the most under-educated people groups in the world. Though stereotypes of wandering Gypsy wagon caravans remain, their lives are anything but the romanticized or vilified images they are portrayed as in movies. Roma are stigmatized as thieves, discriminated against by authorities, and their children, if allowed […]